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Tune in to find out how Shine and it's franchisees are handling the pandemic - and their post-crisis plans...

How Shine Outshone the COVID-19 Pandemic

These days, no one needs to be reminded of the grim statistics associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. An unbearable amount of lives has been lost and business industries across the full spectrum of the U.S. economy have all suffered greatly. But hope and optimism for a better day never really waned. Now, as states across America continue their phased reopening plans designed to jump start commerce, consumers are demonstrating their eagerness to reengage a pent-up demand for products and services. Companies such as Shine are well-suited to become the beneficiaries of this trend. How, you might ask? Let’s count the ways…

As a franchise concept, Shine was purposely designed to create and sustain year-round demand for multiple service offerings, including:

  • Residential and commercial window cleaning
  • Pressure washing exteriors, driveways, sidewalks and roofs
  • Gutter cleaning.
  • In addition, to mitigate any seasonal slowdown in November and December, Shine also has a unique sales offering for clients to take advantage of professional holiday lighting services. This provides Shine’s franchisees with a year-round balance of cash flow and recurring revenue opportunities.

During this ongoing pandemic, some businesses are clearly fortunate enough to remain in-demand. When the country entered lockdown mode in late March, many families took this interruption and used it to “clean house,” evidenced by bulk trash in front of people’s homes as garbage pickup day approached. People chose to finally tackle cleaning out their garages, sheds, cabinets, workshops and attics. Not only were interiors purged, but exteriors as well. Once the clutter was cleared out, phase two began—the deep cleaning! As the population sheltered in place, they apparently wanted their shelters to look as nice as possible. And it was Shine’s professional services that answered the call.

You’ve heard the phrase “Keeping up with the Joneses.” Well, it seems as if when one house on the block underwent throughout exterior cleaning, it spurred other neighbors into action. After all, nothing draws attention like Shine’s big red trucks, with an onsite technician producing the steady hum of pressure washers hard at work. Envious neighbors had to make sure their property was just as spruced up as their friends across the street!

Shine is closing in on almost 10 years of franchising, but the business has been around for two decades. Its attractiveness as a business model is the result of a reasonable franchise fee coupled with an unmatched corporate culture. We want our franchisees to be the right fit and become a part of our growing “Shine Family” of service providers across the U.S. Our unique corporate culture reflects the feel of our organization as a whole. It’s most easily recognizable in how our teams interact and treat our customers with a very personal level of customer service. We don’t simply follow a stale operating manual. Shine describes the quality of work we do, who we are, and who we serve. Our mission is to serve as light for all those we serve.

If you’ve ever considered going the entrepreneurial route, the Shine Family would like to introduce ourselves and explain why our business concept is a winner. If you need validation for this point, we can connect you with current Shine franchise owners who have discovered that this business model is making their ownership dreams come true. Shine has territories available all over the country and is actively searching for the right people to join our franchise family. Today is the day to set your future.

If you’re ready to begin a conversation with the Shine Family, simply fill out this contact form on our website. We’re ready to welcome you with open arms and discover if our business model aligns with your own vision and personal goals. Let’s Shine together!

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