Word of Mouth: The Art of Creating a Referral

word of mouth marketing

While online reviews and social media shares are important, there’s something unique about a genuine recommendation from a satisfied customer. Word of mouth has the ability to reach new customers, build trust, and establish a positive reputation for your business within your community. Below we highlight simple ways to create referrals and ideas to build…

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My Franchise Ownership Experience

Eric Stehle's franchise experience

Written by: Eric Stehle, VP of Development Starting a business is hard. I should know, I’ve done it 6 times.  At age 22, I decided to start my first business from scratch. I was young, arrogant, and had no fear and it turned out to be an eye opener. I was successful, but the required…

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Getting Involved in Your Community Can Help Grow Your Franchise

4 charity golfers attending the 2022 Arrows and Hope Golf Tournament

As a franchise owner, your success depends on many factors, including your ability to build relationships. This includes customers, employees, other businesses, and members of your community. One way to strengthen these relationships is to become actively involved in your community. As the saying goes, it’s not what you know it’s who you know. When…

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What Makes Shine an Iconic Home Services Franchise Brand?


Creating an iconic home services brand requires compelling storytelling and the ability to connect with customers at a deeper level than others. Customer loyalty to iconic brands looks like an unbreakable union or in other words, creates a customer for life. Shine operates in the home services industry. However, the ideals of an iconic brand…

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