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Your Time To Shine!

Welcome to an opportunity where being your own boss and loving what you do is possible. Become a Shine Franchise owner today, and offer a service that’s essential to brightening the people and homes in your community.  Use the quick links below to learn more about Shine.





The benefits of owning a Shine Franchise:

  1. Simple and Scalable
    There’s no large storefront or expensive machines to manage. We provide the equipment and van - all you need to start is to hire 2 crew members and expand from there. As GM/owner, you manage the business and let your crew do the washing.
  2. Low Entry Investment And Low Overhead
    With our low-cost entry investment fee and low overhead, we offer a unique opportunity to get a profitable business up and running fast.
  3. Year-round employee utilization & year-round revenue streams
    You won’t have to worry about seasonal layoffs or “slow seasons.” We allow you to keep your teams employed during all seasons and steady cash flow - even during the winter thanks to our holiday lighting business.
  4. Year-Round Services Homeowners Need
    From spring cleaning to the summer and winter months, our services are needed to keep homes and businesses shining every month - window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, holiday lighting, roof washing.
  5. Industry-leading Support And Training
    Once you sign your franchise agreement, you become a member of the Shine family. Our team is here for you every step of the way to provide all the marketing and digital resources, education, and motivation you need to successfully launch your franchise in six weeks - and keep operations running smoothly.
  6. Value-driven Team Culture
    At Shine, our “culture” is a caring, supporting family that places a higher value on others than ourselves. Every day you get to see the impact you make on the people that work for you to the smiles you put on your customers face after each job.

Why The Shine Franchise?

  • Proven & Scalable - Start making money with just 1 van and 2 employees
  • Year-round employee utilization & year-round revenue streams
  • Support from a team that cares and answers every question
  • Training and equipment you need to open in six weeks!
  • Offer services homeowners need and happy to pay for:
    • Window cleaning
    • Pressure washing
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Holiday lighting
    • Roof washing

Want to know more about our proven business model?