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Your Shine Franchise Initial Investment

At Shine, we’re proud to offer an affordable way to start a local business that brightens your community and gives you the flexible lifestyle you desire. Our award-winning and scalable model offers a low-cost entry investment ideal for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and dream to start their own successful business.

By choosing to own a Shine Franchise, you’re supported by an industry-leading brand with a loyal customer base. And you won’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed along the way. Our support team is here to answer all your questions and help you overcome the challenges of starting a business from scratch. With our resources and experienced leadership, we’re excited to help you follow your passions and become a beloved service in your community.

The following costs are based on our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Item 7, and are an estimated cost.

Franchise Discount Opportunities

If you dream of having your own business, we do our best to make this achievable and affordable. Along with our low franchise costs, we do offer discounts and resources to encourage applicants to take advantage of our rewarding franchise opportunity.

Veterans Discount

Flexible Financing

Similar to investing in an education or a home through financing, most people also secure financing to get the funds to make an investment into their own franchised business. We are aligned with a funding source that will fund 100% of the investment with a 20% down payment.

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