Shining Together: The Power of Partnership in the Shine Franchise Journey

Shine Franchise Couples Success

Every story of success is marked by moments of choice, determination, and vision. But when this journey is shared, the narrative becomes even more compelling. At Shine, success stories aren’t just about solitary entrepreneurs making a mark. They are tales of partners, families, and teams coming together to illuminate the path ahead. Welcome to the world of Shine Franchise – where partnerships thrive and dreams are realized, hand in hand.

Shine: A Beacon of Opportunity

Shine isn’t just another franchise. It stands tall as a leading home services brand, offering a multitude of services like window cleaning, power washing, and even holiday lighting, catering to both residential and commercial customers. What distinguishes Shine? It’s our unique proposition: launch your venture with just a van and two dedicated employees, scale up within a mere eight weeks, and relish a consistent year-round revenue. Imagine being the beacon of your community, brightening homes and commercial spaces, while also creating job opportunities. That’s the Shine way.

More than Just a Business Model

At the heart of Shine lies a mission that goes beyond business operations. Shine aims to be a light. The guiding principle is to work smarter, be kinder, and uphold the highest standards of ethics and safety on every side of the business. Our core values encapsulate this perfectly. From promoting excellence to fostering positive energy, from ensuring utmost safety to simply having fun while at work – these values are the backbone of the Shine culture. And the vision? It’s simple yet profound – to create a brighter world by nurturing both customers and employees alike.

The Ideal Shine Candidate

So, who thrives in the Shine ecosystem? Those with a fiery passion to be their own bosses, to control their destinies, and to profoundly impact their communities. If you have a thirst for success on your own terms and envision ample room for growth and business development, Shine Franchise awaits you.

Strength in Partnership

The beauty of franchising with Shine is that it’s not a journey you have to undertake alone. Many of Shine’s franchises are run by partners – be it spouses, friends, or business partners. These combined efforts have led to stories of unparalleled success. Engaging your family in the process ensures not just business growth but also strengthens familial bonds. By building your partnership with Shine, you also lay the foundation to be more actively involved in your community, leaving an indelible mark of positive influence. Two standout examples of Shine’s franchise success stories are the partnerships of the Reeders and The Corrigans. 

The Reeder’s

Jerri and Joe Reeder, the driving forces behind Shine Chicago North since its inception in May 2021, have infused their franchise with boundless energy and commitment. The Reeders,jerri and joe reeder characterized by their empathy and kindness, have integrated these values into every facet of their business. With Jerri’s unparalleled marketing acumen, she consistently innovates to attract and retain customers, while Joe is the hands-on force in the field, bolstering their Shine team. 


Joe is also on the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC). Together, their collective efforts have molded Shine Chicago North into a beacon of professionalism and service excellence in the home services sector. Their motivation extends beyond just window cleaning; they are passionately committed to Shine’s mission to “Be a Light” in the community. Adding a unique twist to their story, Jerri holds a majority stake of 51% in the franchise, proudly marking Shine Chicago North as a women-owned venture. Their devotion to the Shine brand ethos has left an indelible mark on Chicagoland, exemplifying what it truly means to “Shine.”

John & Kristen 

John and Kristen Corrigan, the heart and soul of Shine of Littleton since 2021, embody dedication and community spirit. Esteemed for their generosityjohn and kristen corrigan and commitment, this dynamic duo has transformed their franchise into a local foundation of trust and excellence. Beyond managing their franchise, John proudly serves on the Franchisee Advisory Council (FAC), broadening the Corrigan’s impact within the Shine family. Their continuous drive for learning and adaptability has ensured that whether it’s a home needing a spring refresh or a business seeking enhanced curb appeal, Shine of Littleton delivers unparalleled professionalism. Through their combined efforts, John and Kristen are not just business owners but pillars in the community, continually working towards a brighter world one service at a time.


Start Your Own Shine Today!

At Shine, our franchises serve the community by providing window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, holiday lighting & design as well as outdoor & landscape lighting services. By providing regular maintenance to homes and businesses, we help prevent damage and keep the property’s exterior in excellent condition.

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